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The CSC 2.0 Scheme is aimed to improve access to technology and digital service s for citizens in rural and remote areas of the country. CSC 2.0 Scheme proposes expansion of self-sustaining CSC network till Gram Panchayats by setting up more than 2.5 lakh CSCs; at least one CSC in every Gram Panchayat. This would include strengthening and integrating 100,000 CSCs already operational under the existing CSC Scheme and creating additional 1.5 lakh CSCs in Gram Panchayats. CSC 2.0 Scheme would lead to consolidation of service delivery through a universal technological platform at all the CSCs across the nation, thereby making the e-services, particularly G2C services, accessible any where across the country.
The Administration has setup total 17 CSCs across Lakshadweep with the aim of delivery of Citizen Centric Govt. Services. The CSCs are owned and operated by local Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLE). The services such as Aadhaar enrollment, registration of Vendors under GST and other department specific services has been handed over to CSCs. Upon on roll out of eDistrict project, all the services in it shall be handed over to CSCs.